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We hate to brag, but you should know that we all have PHD’s in t-shirtology. It’s kind of mandatory here... With that being said; should you need some assistance with graphic design, feel free to let us know. We’d be happy to help. However, if you already have a logo or design that just needs to be prepared for production, then that’s great too. We can accept most graphic files, but you’re always welcome to call our art department with any graphic questions.
T-shirts are the most economical form of advertisement. We like to think of them as walking billboards giving your company or event the ability to be promoted by literally hundreds or even thousands of people. They make great giveaway items for employees and customers; and give your company great exposure without breaking the bank. Printing is done in our facility on our fully automatic presses. Utilizing 10-12 color capabilities, your design is sure to make an impact while making you look good.
Looking for a more professional look..? Embroidery is the way to go. Like strings on a guitar, a little bit of thread goes a long way. Every embroidered design is stitched with quality products on industrial machines with 15 color capacity. Jackets, polo shirts, hats, and bags are great items for your customers or employees. With brands such as Ping, Nike, Izod, Adidas, and many more, an embroidered logo will add that corporate feel to any item allowing your organization to be noticed.

Promotional Products
Looking for that unique coffee mug to tote around a hot “cup o Joe”..? We got it! How about executive pens, notebooks, hot\cold packs, Frisbees, ear buds for your iPod, USB drives, wicked cool sunglasses, key chains, flashlights, golf balls, and just about anything else you can think of with a logo on it. Just click on our promotional products tab and you can browse for days looking for that perfect item to promote your business. And just in case you were wondering… we have cowbells too; because after all, who doesn’t need more cowbell…?


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